How to setup wordpress default featured image

For setup wordpress image there is simple way to do. below i added snipping for it that is simple way to you can be add code in your function.php file and need to pass attachment id where need to keep if you want to use plugin for default featured image it make easy to setup

Best Calculated Fields Plugin WordPress

When we need to use calculated field that much plugin using for multiple field between calculation. lets we discuss useful plugin to with setup wordpress in calculator. 1 Calculated Fields Form Calculated Fields Form plugin provide good formula with setup that. this is free plugin with calculate field each others Features Multiple calculated forms Duplicate …

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How to use woocommerce_add_to_cart_validation

Before add to card in woocommerce if you need to custom validation than you can use woocommerce action woocommerce_add_to_cart_validation by this action you can use validation. there is 5 arguments. lets we understand one by one. $true indicated to validation is true or false value $product_id get product id which request for add to cart …

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